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    MS530 Product Icons

    Tested Bacteria Prevention

    A silver-based antimicrobial powder protects the mouse surface to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and build-up of germs.


    Wide Antimicrobial Spectrum

    The silver ions in the antimicrobial agent have an effect on a wide range of microbes including gram-negative bacteria, gram-positive bacteria, and molds. Additionally, it provides heat resistance, sustainability, and safety.


    Spill Resistant

    Rated at IP66, the waterproof design shields against spills, oils, cleaning agents, and much more.


    Washer Ready

    The MS530 mouse is washable and protected against powerful jets of water - adding another layer of protection against possible contamination and providing longer usage. Avoid full water submersion of the device.


    Comfortable Grip

    Ambidextrous and durable design with a soft touch coating to provide a comfortable grip. 


    Enhanced Optical Sensor

    The MS530 Mouse has a 1000 DPI Optical Sensor that provides responsive and smooth cursor control, precise tracking, and broad surface compatibility including wood, marble, and leather without the need of a mouse pad.


    Plug & Play

    Simply plug in the USB cable into any available USB slot then type away! The driver will automatically download once the USB is plugged in for the first time.