MK MAC USB Product Icons

Mechanical Keys for Mac

The MK Mac USB Keyboard is a mechanical keyboard made exclusively for Mac, with Kailh Brown switches that guarantee precise travel distance and tactile feedback with every key.


Premium Craftsmanship

Designed with top grade aluminum, a diamond cut logo, and a bead-blasted finish, the MK Mac USB is a highly durable and minimal keyboard built to perfectly match with your Mac.


True Mac Format

Whether you need the Expose, Dashboard, Media Control, or Brightness Control, the keyboard layout is 100% designed for Mac OS so there are no compromises to what you’re familiar with.


Let There be Sound

Combining convenience and accessibility, the dedicated on-board volume adjustment wheel and mute button gives you the command of sound whenever you need it. Easily adjust the volume without needing to look for the command buttons on your screen.


Every Stroke Counts

The MK Mac USB allows you to press six keys at once with successful input. Type with confidence with every stroke, every time. Experience precise travel distance and haptic feedback with every key.


White Backlight

Designed with white backlight that illuminates and helps you see clearly at night.


Comfortable Palm Rest

The convenient snap-on palm rest with matte UV coating provides ergonomic functionality and durability. Its inner-curve design allows the palm rest to fit the keyboard even with the addition of a stand.


Plug & Play

Simply plug in the USB cable into any available USB slot then type away! The driver will automatically download once the USB is plugged in for the first time.

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