HRA-HEARA-A-01 $89.99

Hi-Resolution earphone masterfully tuned with hybrid driver structure. Ceramic tweeter creates crystal clear high-range harmonics while precision dynamic woofer provides rich bass and accurate mids. Sonorous true-to-life acoustic enjoyment delivered.



Feature 01

Hear the Difference of Hi-Res Audio

JAS Hi-Res certified to deliver studio-grade sound reproduction of every detail with wide frequency range support of 5Hz – 40kHz.



Feature 02

Hybrid-Driver Structure

Masterfully tuned hybrid-drivers configured in a mono-axis structure. This isolates high and low frequencies delivering true-to-life acoustic enjoyment. The hybrid-driver setup includes a 12mm ceramic tweeter for delivering crystal clear sound and a 13mm Dynamic Woofer to deliver punchy bass and precise mid-range vocals. 



Feature 03

Impeccable Craftsmanship in Function & Form

The copper/aluminum chambers are precision-machined and crafted through rigorous steps to create the ideal enclosure for the hybrid drivers. These chambers are finished with a polished lacquer layer on the exterior.



Feature 04

Every Detail Matters

The front chamber ear-tip is designed with a 31-degree angle to provide a better wearing and listening experience while isolating exterior noise by 18 decibels.



Feature 05

Noise-Free Pipeline

99.99% pure 4N oxygen-free copper wiring with PVC anti-scratch coating ensures the purest sound delivery.



Feature 06

The Right Fit

Three different sizes of silicon ear-tips are included to offer the most comfortable fit for your ears.



Feature 07

Compact yet Versatile

Multi-Function Button Mic offers easy access to accept/end calls, change music, and activate voice-assist functions all through one button. Housed in a durable aluminum body and supports both iOS and Android systems.



Feature 08

Accessories Accessories

Heara accessories include a 3.5mm extension cable (110cm long), a 3.5mm splitter cable for PC connection (100cm long), a 6.3mm converter plug, an airplane audio converter plug, a cable clip, and a storage box. There are many possible user scenarios but we have you covered.



Feature 09

Premium Materials

Handcrafted travel/storage box with durable anti-scratch fabric to shield against any unexpected impacts and layered with a high-quality buckskin interior to protect the earphones in luxury and style.



Feature 10

Rigorous Production & Quality Standards

These AZIO Heara earphones are designed to be the most retro-modern rendition of today's audio peripherals with a goal of delivering the best user experience. To achieve this, we have implemented the highest standard of design approach, R&D, production and quality check measures. We strive for perfection with no exceptions.


Earphone Spec

Model HRA-HEARA-C-01 (Copper Chamber)
HRA-HEARA-A-01 (Aluminium Chamber)
TypeClosed, Hybrid System Structure
ImpedanceDrivers13mm / 12mm  Dual. Ceramic & PET
Impedance32 Ohms at 1kHZ +/-15%
Frequency Range5 Hz ~ 40000 Hz
Rated Input Power
3 mW
Max. Input Power20 mW
Distortion5% Max
Cable1.2 m Copper OFC Cable
Plug3.5 mm Stereo Gold-Plated 4-Pole Plug

Microphone Spec

Type Electret condenser
Directivity Omni-directional
Sensitivity-42dB +/- 4db
Operation VoltageStandard Voltage 2.0V

Product Package Contents

Heara Earphone
Warranty Card
User Guide
Leather Carry Case
Hands Free Microphone
6.3 mm Conversion Plug
3.5 mm Splitter
3 Sets of Replacement Ear Tips (in 3 different sizes)
3.5 mm Extension Cable
Cable Clip
Airline Audio Plug


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