Azio’s Posh Retro Classic Keyboard Will Make You Want To Type Forever

A lot of brands focus on style-conscious consumers right now, and that’s exactly the type of customers for whom Azio’s Posh Retro Classic Keyboard has been specially designed. This luxurious mechanical keyboard was inspired by century-old typewriters and shows off an elegant design, to say the least, Bluetooth capabilities, and many other interesting details.

Just take a closer look at its superb copper exterior and its all-around vintage vibe and we’re sure you will want one right away. Azio’s retro keyboard is industry’s first typewriter-inspired keyboard with high-end backlit keys. Compatible with Windows and Mac, this cool device is available in three styles – Onyx, Posh, and Artisan – feel free to take a closer look at the gallery below and decide which suits your style better.

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