Azio Retro Classic Keyboard: Typewriter Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

We absolutely love these! We’ve covered all the top backlit, state-of-the-art keyboards, but now we are looking at throw-back, backlit keyboards with today’s technology. Azio has released the Azio Retro Classic Keyboard in several configurations, and they pretty groovy. How many of you remember the clickety click of the manual typewriter. Well, not many probably. Maybe you remember seeing one in the old detective, smoke-filled rooms in the movies. This is an Indiegogo project which has been funded at 1591%! So there is a high demand for that clicking sound in the office.

These vintage keyboards are the most luxurious typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard. You will have the sound of the mechanical piece with today’s technology. One model incorporates genuine leather, metal alloy, an backlit keycaps. It is available in a wired USB interface for Windows computers or a wireless bluetooth plus USB hybrid interface for Mac or Windows.

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