Cigar Aficionado’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

From cigar accessories to gadgets and books, you’re certain to find the perfect holiday gift for the cigar lover in your life

Some of us fondly remember the days when writing a letter or story involved putting a piece of onion skin into a typewriter, clacking away on keys designed to take a beating. The Retro Classic Keyboard from Azio brings back the feel of the old days with this visually stunning and audibly satisfying keyboard. Heavier and larger than modern-day plastic keyboards, the Azio (which works on a PC or Mac) is made from zinc alloy with leather accents. Rounded, mechanical keys deliver a pleasant clicky sound as you type. Despite the old-fashioned look, the keyboard offers many modern amenities: it’s backlit, the height is adjustable and it has all the keys one would expect to operate a computer. We prefer the look of the Elwood style, with walnut wood and gunmetal matte frame, which costs $189 for the USB version, or $210 for the Bluetooth option.


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