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    In today's work from home environment, it's more important than ever to have an ergonomic set-up in place. The long-term effects of sitting and staring at a computer screen on a person's health are well-documented by medical professionals. According to, you have a higher risk for fatal diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart attack. Arthritis and bursitis are also side effects of sitting too long in one uncomfortable position.
    The COVID-19 pandemic has the world thinking differently about personal hygiene. To prevent the spread of the infectious coronavirus, governmental agencies and global health organizations recommend regular handwashing, sanitizing property, social distancing, and wearing cloth face masks while in public. Taking it upon yourself to diligently sanitize surfaces where the virus resides is imperative.
    The unique texture of real leather is a small detail that will add new energy to your home office space. And after you choose to elevate your home office with stylish and timeless leather accessories, you'll likely want to keep designing. Whether you've chosen crisp and smooth white leather computer accessories or strong and luxurious black leather pieces, we've found some stylish home office items to match.